How To Clean A Tobacco Pipe

In this video, PipeFriendCHS gives a few tips on how to clean a tobacco pipe after smoking.

Tap out the burnt tobacco ashes from your pipe. If there is any loose tobacco in the bowl, stir it with a scoop lightly. Avoid scratching the inside bowl. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the stem of the pipe. Insert your pipe cleaner through the stem; making sure it reaches to the inside of the bowl. Run the pipe cleaner through the mouthpiece. Voila! Your pipe is clean.

Some pipe smokers will leave a pipe cleaner in the pipe for extra time to soak up any extra debris.

Let your pipe rest for 24 hours before smoking with it again. It's nice to have a few tobacco pipes availabe for pipe rotation.

A pipe will build up a caking around the inside of the bowl, which is a good thing, and adds flavor to the smoke.

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